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Here we are again to share some ideas with all the families that have planned to visit Venice for either a long or short vacation. Today we will focus on the most popular Venetian Sestriere: St. Mark district!

What are the opportunities you can’t miss in the beautiful St. Mark square and in the area around it? Here are some activities for you to do in the very heart of the city for your children to be fascinated by: from the most well-known attractions to the most secret ones!

  • Of course, you can’t miss to visit the St. Mark Basilica: the entrance is free and you and your children will be stunned by the shiny mosaics you’ll find inside. Sometimes though, the line to access the Basilica can be very long… we have an idea to make it easier for your kids: improvise a quick treasure hunt outside the colourful Basilica. Can you find a rhino among the decorations? And what are those men doing all together in a corner? How many lions can you count?


  • Go up to the top of the bell tower and admire the city from almost 99 meters high!


  • Visit Palazzo Ducale (The Doge’s Palace) and its “secret paths”: included in the ticket price you can go and see, after booking, one of the paths in areas of the palace that are usually closed to the public. Among narrow corridors, prisons, and hidden rooms, your tour guide will be able to also involve your children. In doing so, you will avoid the crowd without missing a visit to the majestic palace.

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  • Olivetti Shop: a unique space designed in 1958 by the well-known Venetian architect, Carlo Scarps. It was commissioned by Adriano Olivetti and today it is managed by the FAI (Italian Foundation for Environment). This place will give children the opportunity to have a very close look at an object they probably don’t know very well: a typewriter!



  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo: this spiral staircase, adjacent to the Contarini del Bovolo Palace, will fascinate your kids and will lead you to a spectacular view of Venice!


  • Venice is the perfect place to find little tasks for your children. For example, walking around St. Mark square, they can observe all of the shops signs: which ones are older? Why? (The answer will be the black and gold signs)


  • If you’re looking for an alternative activity to engage your kids in a challenging game, MacacoTour offers “The Merchant of Venice” which departs from St Mark’s square: a role-playing activity in a private taxi boat along the Grand Canal! Find out more!


  • Do you need a quick break? We suggest trying some gelato at the Gelateria Fantasy in Calle dei Fabbri or at Rosa Salva, a cosy café where you will find traditional Venetian sweets and salty snacks.

Martina x Staff