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Here we are today to once again give you some useful suggestion for your children to have a magical and unforgettable experience in Venice. They will capture the real essence of the city and enjoy it in its kid-friendly character.

First of all, we must remember that Venice is located inside a lagoon: if you are in Venice for a few days, it is definitely worth visiting some of the smaller islands of the lagoon, always remembering that you can find activities for the children to enjoy the visit. You will be stunned by the charm these small islands and their history can instil.


  • Visit a furnace in Murano: discover the magic process of glass making and its origins. The creation of glass has always fascinated both adults and children. There are many glass factories that offer the possibility for visitors to watch glass masters while at work, either for free or for a fee.


  • The colours of Burano: Children will love this fairy-tale looking little island. Burano and its colourful houses seem to be frozen in time. Go get lost in the streets and try to find among the alleys the kaleidoscopic house belonging to Bepi Suà; it is located on a side street off Via Galuppi. Bepi, who loves cinema, repeatedly painted her house that, during the summer, used to become an outdoor cinema for all of the inhabitants of the island.


  • A day in Lido: Lido of Venice is filled with beautiful, fully-equipped beaches where you can spend a day of relaxation with your family, either on the beach or, if you prefer, renting a bicycle and ride up to the very end at Alberoni.


  • The gardens of Sant’Erasmo: if you are curious to visit an island that maintained its agricultural traditions, you need to see Sant’Erasmo. Even today, this island supplies Venice with its fresh fruit and vegetables. For sure one of the least touristic islands of the lagoon, Sant’Erasmo can be reached with a vaporetto (waterbus). Here children will have the opportunity to run free and enjoy an open-air picnic! We suggest renting a bicycle and discovering the serpentine streets surrounded by the beautiful fields of the island.


  • Torcello Island: Torcello is another island of the lagoon which is still laregely unknown to tourists and for this reason still preserves its fascination: nowadays only 17 people live on this island. Kids will absolutely love “Attila’s Throne”: it’s said that the great Hun king once sat on it.


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Martina x Staff