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“Macaco Tour stems from the idea of Martina Trombini, an art historian, in collaboration with Carlotta Trevisan, a Venetian historian, to propose a new type of tourism that caters to the curiosity and liveliness of the youngest ones. Macaco Tour utilizes the dynamics of play to explore the art and history of Venice while having fun!
All our activities are built upon proven historical foundations and rich artistic knowledge, which are then reimagined and transported into the realm of play to make them engaging and unforgettable for the whole family.
We firmly believe that learning and playing should occur at every age. That’s why Macaco Tour caters to diverse audiences (schools, families, adults, and children) and is committed to promoting the territory by unveiling the most authentic areas and palaces in the cities of Venice and Verona.

In collaboration with museums and institutions, we create tailored projects where history, art, and culture are not only studied in books but also experienced in the present!”

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