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How much has been said about Venice!

How much has been written about Venice!

How much has been written about Venice for lovers, Venice for kids, Venice for families, Venice for tourists, and Venice for Venetians…


We experience Venice as if it was an enchanted wander.

We see Venice through the eyes of those who look for the hidden and silent spots where to stop and observe their surroundings, losing track of time.

We see Venice through the eyes of a child, feeling free to chase, together with their mum and dad, the curiosity inspired by this city: smells, colours, visual details, the feeling of cold stones and of warm wood. Every detail is a hint to follow in the streets of Venice during a never-ending treasure hunt for the whole family!

If you are wondering if this city would be suitable for a holiday with your children, or maybe you’ve already planned to visit the city and you are looking for ideas about what to do in Venice with your children to make this experience in the lagoon magical and fun, then this blog is perfect for you!

Venice can be a real amusement park for kids: all you need to do is take a few steps away from the crowded, touristic paths to start an adventure in a labyrinth of small empty alleys, mysterious and enigmatic architecture, fairy tale palaces…

Both grown-ups and children who are brave enough to get involved in a teamwork game for the whole family will face infinite mysteries. To be precise, this journey begins with a very special gate…

Every magic gate will be hard to find!

It has been said that there are 7 enchanted gates in Venice; once you go through them, you are transported to a different dimension.

We want to help you to find one of them:

Find Campo della Bragora

Enter Calle de la Pietà and then enter the first covered walkway named Sotoportego del Papa.

Open your eyes! Can you see all the animals around you? Don’t forget to take a photo as proof of your discovery!

Continue walking up to the water gate. This is what is left of the Barbos family’s house; one member of the family became a Pope, known as Paul the Second.

But we cannot divulge how to use this magic gate: the one who discovers its secret mechanism can fly towards amazing stories…

Enjoy the journey!

Pietro Retrobottega