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Contact and book a tour in Venice for kids
Contact Macacotour: art workshops, treasure hunts, role-playing games, birthdays parties! Macacotour offers an unconventional way to visit the city! For info and booking:
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The MacacoTour project is cater for young tourist aged 5 – 11 years old and their families!
The activities are available in Italian, English, Spanish and German.
Our team is available to create a personal tour for single, groups or school.
Would you like to know more about our tours?
Contact us by e-mail and we’ll be happy to answer to all your questions.

Contacts, Macacotour: games and tours in Venice with kids

For info and booking:

Contacts, Macacotour: games and tours in Venice with kids

Contact numbers:
+39 041 8878114
contact center available in English or Italian

Mon – Sun 9,30 a.m./6,30 p.m.

+39 3496600107