Venice Italy facts for kids: the carnival of Venice explained to children!

Every year, waiting for carnival gets more exciting every day!

Masks, costumes and characters of the olden days will be parading through the streets of the breath-taking city of Venice… but how was the carnival invented centuries ago? Why in Venice? And how did it become one of its symbols? What are the most famous Venetian masks? And how do you make them?

First of all, it must be said that the carnival was probably created together with the city of Venice itself! The first written evidence was found on a document dated 1094. Here the carnival was mentioned as an official public celebration. In the same period some proof was found of the opening of workshops where masks were made, a tradition that is still strong nowadays.

Carnival is one of the celebrations that children love the most. They can’t wait to dress up like their favourite hero or princess. But why not to try to make a real papier-mâché mask with them?

Here are some of the most beautiful of the Venetian tradition… pick your favourite and have fun!


Credits: Veneziaeventi


IL “VOLTO” (the face)



IL DOTTORE (the doctor)

Credits: Pinterest


COLOMBINA, ARLECCHINO, PANTALONE… the characters of the comedy of the profession.


Credits: Veneziaeventi
  • First of all, find a rigid mould: it’s easy to find a cheap one in the many souvenir shops around the main streets of Venice and you can then use it as many times as you like!
  • Get some newspaper sheets, PVA glue and a small bowl. Fill 3/4 of the bowl with water and 1/4 with glue, cut the paper in small stripes and let them soak for about 20 minutes.
  • Time to attach the paper stripes to your venetian mask! Do not forget to apply an abundant amount of lotion before you start: it will keep the paper from getting glued to your mould. Make sure you make at least 5 layers of paper and alternate each layer of paper with one layer of glue that you can apply with a paint brush.
  • Now you need to wait patiently for the mask to dry… it might take even more than one day! Once it is ready, go for your favourite painting and decorations it! It will be great fun!

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